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Your Name:  Maxie

Your Steam Profile/STEAMID:   STEAM_0:1:73166892

Your Forum Profile:

Your Age 15

Your Date of Birth: 5/20/2001

When were you brought into the Staff Team(DATE): 1/1/2017

Why should we promote you over other people(100 Words) The reason i should be promoted is because i was a previous staff before the new owner bought it and i used to be a super admin then i got demoted my the last owner Coldognam aka Auston Hudson, to admin and i quit the server then because i didnt want to be abused by him anymore so most of the staff team quit for the time being. Then when the current owner bought it aka Mr.E it brought me back to the server brought me all the memories i had with all my friends before and i enjoy the server the most, one of my favorites because i can spend time i with my girl friend and my friends.

What have you learned during your Trial Period(50 Words):  What i have learned in my trial period is that dont believe what the first person says you need proof of this happening either witness'es or look in the logs. There are many rule breakers and it is hard to fix the server when you barely have any commands, which makes it harder to be a staff.

If you are promoted, you have more responsibilities, are you willing to uphold those responsibilities: Yes I am willing to uphold my responsibilities.

Since you have more responsibilities, will you put more time into your Staff Duties: Yes i am willing to put more time in my staff duties.

Do you agree to Respect everyone in this Community: Yes i do agree to respect anyone,even to higher ups.

Yes i can post the Trial-Mod promotion requirements.
Can you post the Trial Staff - Moderator Promotion Requirements:

1. Need at least 1 week as TMod.

2. Have your Application filled out correctly.

3. 75% or more positive feedback or more.

4. No strikes, abuse reports, or active warning points.

5. Have good activity on the forums, server, and on teamspeak.

Do you meet these requirements: Yes.


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You're a bit confused. I didn't buy the server

Sgt.Val owns the server and the community.  I just manage the server

-About the app, please copy and paste the Trial Staff-Mod requirements and then answer if you meet these requirements. You have 24 hours to do so before this application will be denied

+1 -Other than what you need to fix above, I thought it was a great application and you have been a great member to the staff team. You take calls and help everyone in the server. You are active in game and in TS. I really hope you do get the promotion, but lets see how others feel about this. Good Luck!


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Even though I was the only one to post on the application (mostly because we are still building the FNAFRP staff team), I am going to accept this because I think you will be a great Mod and you will be even more helpful to the server.  Congrats!

Next time I see you in game and in TS I will give you your rank and talk with you! Good Job!


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