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aizik Ban Appeal SlaveRP

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SteamID: STEAM_0:0:161631419

What type of ban (TeamSpeak or In-Game and server name): SlaveRP

How long is the ban: 24 hours

Who was the banning admin: samualson72

Why were you banned: Mass rdm nlr revenge rdm

Why should we overturn your ban: the reason i did this was because there were a few mingers breaking the rules ex prop blocking nlr and raiding without waiting and there were no admins on to take care of it until then then these guys team up and got me banned though the admin just jailed me and banned me with out understanding whats going on heres my proof

Heres Them Propblocking: [Link Not Shown]
Heres them propblocking the moonshine buyer [Link Not Shown]

Im furios that the admin payed no mind to even try to dig deeper and find out what happend and i hope that the guy who really fucked with me gets banned just like me the admin also should have to have some kind of punishment for banning with out knowing what has really been going on


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Don't appeal for a 24 hour or less ban.


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