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SantosRP Gameplay

• Plently of jobs to choose from Citizens • Police • EMS • Criminals • Semi-Trucker and more!
• Start a Criminal organization and compete in crime
• 60+ Vehicles to choose from!
• Hundreds of items to craft
• Drug Systems to make money from Weed • Coke • Meth and more
• Crafting Firearms to sell or use • Careful the Police can be watching!
• Permanent Property Owning • After purchasing a house you can choose to spawn yourself there and more at the Butler
• Jail System • If caught by the police by doing Criminal activity you can be arrested and serve time in jail
• Custom Content • We offer never seen before Systems that you won't find anywhere else!
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Visual Cosmedics

• Loot Crates • Everyday you can unbox 2 Loot Crates for awsome Cosmedic Items Hats • Backpacks • and more!
• Emotes • Have a chance to unbox Emotes aswell.
• Player Customization • Use in-game cash to change your appreance
• Vehicle Customization • Use in-game cash to customize your vehicle from Rims to Underglow and more
• Customize your name and License plates to your own appeal
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In-Depth Roleplay

• Sheriff's Department • Criminal Database • Police Computer • Place Charges • Arrest Players and more
• Court-House Judge • Add time to players sentence • Remove Money • Compensate Money • DOJ
• SWAT Team • As Sheriff you can access your SWAT loadout in your trunk • Search Warrants • Respond to Active Robberys