Strap on the armor of a Clone Trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic, and immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe. Upgrade your trooper by crafting weapons, levelling skills, and discovering/unboxing loot & gear such as cosmetics and exotic weaponry. Fight for victory across the galaxy.

Clonewars Gameplay

» Tons of classes and battalions to progress through!

» Custom Crafting and Inventory Systems

» Modular medical system with limb-specific bleeding or broken bones.

» Harvestable resources found around the planet.

» Daily Lootcrates for helpful player boosts, cosmetics, and more!

» Skill Leveling with level unlocks such as Stamina, Crafting, etc.

» Craft blasters to use or sell for profit.

» Shock Trooper Republic Database and Custom Republic Inmate System.

» Constant updates, missions and more!

Visual Cosmetics

» Daily Lootcrates: Every 24 hours players can unbox in-game currency, crafting materials, weapons, and more!

» Weapons crafted also double as a cosmetic!

» Combine cosmetics to further customize your trooper.

» Craft, trade, buy, and sell cosmetics in-game with NPCs or players.

In-Depth Roleplay

Joining a Clone Regiment in-game will unlock tons of new content and features for players to enjoy. Each regiment has their own special loadouts, mission assignments, and more!

Want to fight on the frontlines? Knock yourself out! Join an Attack Unit like the 501st Legion, or 212th Attack Battalion. Want to support your fellow troopers on the battlefield? Look no further! Republic Medics are able to setup medical tents in the midst of battle, giving them a mobile medbay where they can retrieve downed troopers and get them back on their feet.

Special Units such as ARC Troopers, Doom's Unit, Galactic Marines, and more have access to a vast armory of Republic firearms, gadgets, tools, and even receive extra armor or health.

We highly suggest you check each regiment out, and pick your favorite or the one that matches your playstyle best.

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