Unlike our Santos Server, this server offers a faster pace for a more pick-up-and-play feel. Players can become a police officer and train weekly, or keep the cops busy and make money by robbing armed transports, gas stations, or by making and selling drugs.

Police Roleplay

• Fast Pace Gameplay • Unlike SantosRP this server is a lot more quick into action.

• Police Training Everyweek • Police Department is whitelist only and to join the PD you must go through training

• Custom Jail System • Our handcuffs and other police equipment is tailored to our community

• Custom Vehicles only found on our Servers • We often import vehicles into our servers for players to purchase with in-game cash

• Awsome Gang system • Create a Gang and invite other players and customize your font and icon for your new gang.

Visual Weapon Skins

• We offer a system for our players to customize there favorite weapons on the server

• Over 100+ Skins to purchase with in-game cash

Criminal Gameplay

• Playing PoliceRP we offer a lot of features for our Criminals to do to keep the cops busy.

• Steal From Vending Machines • Rob Armored Transports • Bank Robberys

• Drug Manufactureing • Player Robbing Systems • Gas Station Robbery • Player Raiding

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