Immerse yourself in a world of law and order, and choose between tons of jobs like Civilian, Gang, EMS or Police. Choose between legal and illegal money making like manufacturing drugs or cooking and selling food. With over 70+ vehicles and hundreds of items to collect and craft, the world is yours.

SantosRP Gameplay

• Plently of jobs to choose from Citizens • Police • EMS • Criminals • Semi-Trucker and more!

• Start a Criminal organization and compete in crime

• 60+ Vehicles to choose from!

• Hundreds of items to craft

• Drug Systems to make money from Weed • Coke • Meth and more

• Crafting Firearms to sell or use • Careful the Police can be watching!

• Permanent Property Owning • After purchasing a house you can choose to spawn yourself there and more at the Butler

• Jail System • If caught by the police by doing Criminal activity you can be arrested and serve time in jail

• Custom Content • We offer never seen before Systems that you won't find anywhere else!

Visual Cosmetics

• Loot Crates • Everyday you can unbox 2 Loot Crates for awsome Cosmedic Items Hats • Backpacks • and more!

• Emotes • Have a chance to unbox Emotes aswell.

• Player Customization • Use in-game cash to change your appreance

• Vehicle Customization • Use in-game cash to customize your vehicle from Rims to Underglow and more

• Customize your name and License plates to your own appeal

In-Depth Roleplay

• Sheriff's Department • Criminal Database • Police Computer • Place Charges • Arrest Players and more

• Court-House Judge • Add time to players sentence • Remove Money • Compensate Money • DOJ

• SWAT Team • As Sheriff you can access your SWAT loadout in your trunk • Search Warrants • Respond to Active Robberys

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